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New York City’s Rap Lyric Landmarks (Video)

An art project by Jay Shells called Rap Quotes has him traveling throughout the city pinpointing locations mentioned in many of our favorite rap songs.  He then posts lyric signs that reference these locations.  New York City has long been against this practice and usually sends city workers to quickly remove them. Pretty cool if you ask us.

“I’m blacker than midnight at Broadway and Myrtle.” – Mos Def “Mathematics”

Classic Art from the Streets (Video)

Film director Henry Chalfant captures the elements of 80’s Hip-Hop in “All City”, a street doc shot in the Bronx.  Dondi, Butch and other originators and graffiti writers break down the inspiration that powered the early Hip-Hop movement in NYC. It’s amazing to see and hear some the aspirations of these urban architects.  Mr. Wiggles even reveals the “Electric Boogie’s” ancient Egyptian origin. Classic!

Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC (Trailer)

Anyone who’s played ball in NYC playgrounds or just pick up games in general should go see this. Read the rest of this entry