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Free T-Shirt From Lipmo Threads Who Wants to Win?

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RD Massive, here’s your chance to win a free t-shirt courtesy of Lipmo Threads.  How? Just answer the two questions below in the comment section.  We’ll pick winners at random and contact you via email.  Do not put your email address inside the comment field with your answer (unless you want spam clogging your inbox).  Good luck!
1.) What was the first official track Nas was ever heard on?
2.) What part of New York was Big Pun from?

INNER VIEW – Luck Is Preparation Meets Opportunity

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Good fortune can strike at any moment.  Whether we hit the jackpot, get a big break or bump into the people who can help change our lives, stunning reversals of our lives paths are never as far away as we may think.  A new clothing line inspired by the thrill of achieved success is planning to hit the scene with a new look. We spoke with Ken Francis, managing director from Lipmo Threads and got the scoop on what fashions and ideas they have in store for this year.

RD: Tell us about the vision behind your company.

Ken: The vision behind Lipmo Threads is simple mathematics. Prepare yourself for all opportunities that may come your way. Sometimes you only get one shot….sometimes you get multiple shots but preparation is key. Preparation + Opportunity= Luck; or what most would call luck. People do sometimes just fall into situations, but it’s either sink or swim when the situation arises. That is our whole mantra and with it comes the attempts to inspire others to embody it. There are numerous deficits this world is externally facing. However, one of the most painful ones is an internal one–which is never realizing your dreams. Not to sound cliche but the whole sugary “reach for the stars” notion is a good one. Dreams can be achieved, the majority just let roadblocks deter them too easily. We aim to start at the root with the youth. Fashion is a very influential medium and if used correctly can guide people’s lifestyles and attitudes.  Read the rest of this entry