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Immortal Technique Speaks Police Brutality, New Album and More

Immortal Technique shares his views on injustice in the streets, the presidential candidates, his upcoming album and more.

Necro ft. Vinnie Paz & Immortal Technique – “Take Hip Hop Back” (Video)

New sights and sounds from off of Necro’s upcoming KILLaborations album.

Akir Maps Out “The Plan”


Akir aka Always Keep It Real is set to release his forthcoming LP The Plan on 9-24-2013 via Immortal Technique’s Viper Records imprint.  Akir states, The Plan is “my map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better.”  The Plan is produced in majority by Akir and his beat-making partnership with Ty Steez (The Sound) along with Omen with features from his “Rebel Army” brothers Immortal Technique, Poison Pen and Swave Sevah.  Keep reading for tracklisting and upcoming Akir tour dates.


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Immortal Technique on Obama, Monsanto & More (Video)

Hard Knock TV caught up with Immortal Technique backstage at the Paid Dues festival.  Tech’s been busy with The Green Light Project which provided an orphanage in Afghanistan and built homes in Haiti.

“That’s a disgrace. It should be a human rights abuse,” said Technique when asked about the Act. “It should be banned. They really want to control the food industry in general. And I think what’s disgusting about them is that — Listen, we know Monsanto and their parent companies have given the Obama administration money.” Immortal Tech on the Monsanto Protection Act.

Immortal Technique Talks Ghostwriting & Fake Rappers

In between sets during the Rock The Bells tour, Immortal breaks down his perspective on a few issues the culture has been dealing with of late.  Among other things, he looks at the larger picture when it comes to the now generation in hip hop and the power they possess over the masses of youth worldwide.

Immortal Technique on Trayvon Martin, KONY 2012, the Apocalypse

Rapper and activist Immortal Technique gets into the Mayan prophecy of 2012, Illuminati, the media distractions that capture the attention of Americans and various other current events.  Speak your mind and tell us your thoughts.


Real Talk with Immortal Technique

Shouts to the Montreality crew for this thorough discussion.  They chat with Tech about a host of topics including, his days growing up in the classroom, the legalization of marijuana, his dedication to improving breath control on the mic and the role of veterans still putting it down in the game.