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Ryan Leslie on Ebro in the Morning (Video)

Are you struggling to make money in the music business? Singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie breaks down some math on how to monetize creativity.  All without popular formats like  iTunes or Amazon.  He also speaks on his infamous lost laptop and more.

New Tunes: Papoose ft. N.O.R.E. & Ebro – “The Rotten Apple”

Still fighting the fight, Papoose connects with Nore for a new joint addressing New York artists and their low volume of radio airplay.  In it you can hear excerpts from Papooses’ interview with NY radio Hot 97’s program director, Ebro.  Do you feel NY artists are getting enough support from their hometown personalities?

Papoose vs. Ebro on Hot 97 Radio Programming (Video)

“Miami, currently…Atlanta currently…is making better music…musically than New York.”  This was Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden’s response to those who question pop radio’s current playlists.  What’s the real motive behind terrestrial radio programming?  Is the New York market leading the trend or just following the orders handed down from Clear Channel?  Read the rest of this entry