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Black Thought, Lil’ Fame, Sean Price Piece Maker Cypher (Video)

DJ Touch Touch puts down the instrumentals and a room full of MC’s start spitting.  It’s a Hip Hop rhyme cypher.  If you haven’t done so already check out his new  The Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s LP release.

dead prez – “No Way As The Way” (Video)

dead prez deliver a poignant message and a new sound with this vid off of their Information Age album.

Health, GMO’s, Let’s Get Free & More with dead prez (Video)

Out Da Box TV sat down with M1 and and discussed the importance of exercise and maintaining a strong mind and body.  They also talk with the duo about their body of work then and now.

BEFORE : INNER VIEW – (dead prez)

INNER VIEW – (dead prez)

Eight years ago, and his partner in rhyme M-1 released their hood approved and universally appreciated second studio album RGB: Revolutionary But Gangsta.  The political and cultural awareness embedded in sharp lyricism has allowed the music to stand out on its own and give fans food to grow on.  Much has changed since ’04 and a lot of rapper’s have come and gone.  We got a chance to find out how has used lifestyle changes to improve his mind, body and message behind the new music.

When did you decide to make fitness and nutritional lifestyle changes and who/what influenced you to make that decision?  Read the rest of this entry

New Tunes: dead prez – “A New Beginning”

A little different than what many might have expected, stic and M1 still address the current issues on the streets but with a new sound?  Information Age, the groups first album in 8 years,is scheduled for an October 16th release.  You feeling this?

Dead Prez on Nas Ghostwriting Rumors (Video)

Did Nas use ghostwriters on his records?  Does it really matter?  Would that take away from the previous contributions he’s made to the Hip Hop culture?  Anyone who’s spent long hours in the studio with equally creative individuals would be lying if they said they never heard something they liked or may have wish they said.  Artists are influenced by their environment.  It’s always possible for an idea to mean something as much or more to another like-minded individual.  Biting (Yeah, that was at one time against the rules) and taking someone else’s theory line for line without their consent is grounds for concern even today.  That’s a good sign because we’re still talking about it and you’re still reading.  On the other hand, collaborations among artists will always spill thoughts and even words from one mind to the other.  That’s part of the purpose of working with other talented artists in the first place.  Dead Prez sit down with Sway In the Morning and discuss their side of the rumored stories concerning the making of Nas’ 2008 Untitled (Nigger) album.  Tell us what you think and keep reading as and M1 perform their anthem: “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop”.   Read the rest of this entry

How’s That New Year Resolution Coming Along?

“Next year I’m gonna give up…” or “When 2012 comes I’m gonna start to…”   Sound familiar?  It’s that time once again.  We’re already one week into the new year!  Just in case you needed some extra motivation, releases a visual for “Let It Burn” featuring NYM.  This is off of The Workout album, a must have if you like to blast the speakers or wear headphones while getting it in.  Just put that deposit down for a new gym membership?  May is only 5 months away.  What are you waiting for?

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