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A taste of new up-and-coming artists you might not have heard of.

Fresh Talent Spotlite – Blow Flyy & Seven Trill

Canada’s Blow Flyy lets loose visuals from off of his It’s Like I Got A Set of Wings album.  Read the rest of this entry

Fresh Talent Spotlite – J. Grey (Drunken Monk) & LTC

James Grey

What starts out as a typical trap music track makes a sharp turn toward the unusual.  James Grey spits rhymes with a light-hearted, rapid flow over a varying whistle, water-sprinkling hi-hat and clap snare.  The hypeman adlibs are hilarious with a reference to the “ha-dou-ken” Street Fighter yell.

James raps, “The reason I grind is I don’t settle for less/Just snap your neck/I’m a rock it hard/I don’t even get started till after dark.”

The third verse gets a little out of control with the singing chants sounding like karaoke on a Friday night.  That aside, with a bit of push we can easily see a song like this receiving some airplay on college and internet radio stations.

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Fresh Talent Spotlite – Man-u-iLL & Atman


Man-u-iLL has got some issues with some of the images being shown on popular media.  Confident that he can make a change he puts forth a solid effort over the Jay Notez production.  He rhymes with charisma and explains his beef without sounding bitter.  He raps “I don’t care about your chain, watch, trucks or your Jag/F**k your swag, I don’t care about your shoes, purse or what’s in the bag.”

“F**k Your Swag” shows Man-u-iLL’s hunger and even a slight comedic touch with the social media references at the songs end.  It’ll be interesting to hear what other topics Man-u-iLL has on his mind.

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Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – Horus Rising, Mic Broadway & Filthy J

Horus, the ancient Egyptians’ national patron god, was usually depicted as a falcon-headed man wearing a crown, as a symbol of kingship over the entire kingdom.  Horus Rising are looking to make an impact with more modest aspirations.   Read the rest of this entry

Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – IslatiTheRevo, STRETCH-9 & Lyrical Storm®

IslatiTheRevo shows off “Answer the Call”, a self-produced track with a dramatic chorus while spitting rapid branch chained lyrics.  With a commendable performance including tight flow and a strong delivery, Islati spits a war cry on wack rappers.  He doesn’t claim to be the best but he stakes his claim as part of the solution to improving rap’s good music catalog.  He spits, “If you’re with me throw a fist in the air/Launch it in the sky like the 4th of July/Scream at the top of your lungs, a war cry/Answer the call if you refuse to die.”  We look forward to hearing more from this budding artist.

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Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – Gme Name

“Your Choice” by Gme Name describes a young rapper who observes the ills of his hood environment thinking of ways to maintain.  Amid the frustration he avoids the temptations of the fast life many fall victim to by working on his craft.  He raps “Some drug deal, some steal, some keep saying they will/ some choose to kill just to pay their bills…”  Over a laid back, reflective track Gme keeps a slow flow which matches the mood of the subject.  If Gme keeps telling it like he sees it we may be hearing bigger and better from him moving forward.

– Carson Edwards

Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – Balliztic & Raymond Wellz

Balliztic’s single “OOG”, a slow, bass heavy, synth layered track showcases his fast and slow flow.  He envisions “Three piece suit with the shoes and a hat/watch from the movie gotta knot and a stack/plotting how to put the BX on the map again/with rap again…”  Flamboyant content and an approach reminiscent of rappers from the southern region give this song a common theme.  As Balliztic continues to refine his voice over time we expect this young gunner to make his name known.

– Carson Edwards

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