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Talib Kweli – Gravitas (Album Stream & INNER VIEW)


Talib links up with Raekwon, Black Thought, RES and more for his 6th studio album and follow-up to Prisoner of Conscious.  Gravitas also features production from Statik Selektah and the late J. Dilla.  Keep reading for a link to the new album as well as our conversation with the Brooklyn emcee.

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Read the New Issue of Rapper’s Delite Now!

RD Issue 04

What’s good RD Massive?  Rapper’s Delite is here with new pages for you to flip through and share.  In issue 04 we talk the art of battle with Loaded Lux, perseverance with Jon Connor and gore with Necro.  dead prez’s also chops it up with us and we get into gmo’s.  Do you really know what’s on your dinner plate?  Keep reading to download the latest RD mixtape.   Read the rest of this entry

Rap VS Hip Hop – Is There a Difference in 2012?


Words by Drew Spence


 attended the New Jersey Golden State Film Festival for the premier of I Want My Name Back, a documentary by Roger Paradiso profiling the early years and recent history of The Sugarhill Gang. This is a film you need to see because it gives us the back-story to what may be the most important song in the history of Rap music. “Rapper’s Delight” gave us the single lyric that every person has at least said once.  Read the rest of this entry


Brooklyn, NY rapper/producer/director and label owner Necro is gearing up the release of his next anticipated conceptual works.  In addition to feeding his cult-followers with gruesome beats and rhymes he’s also been cooking up some long-awaited solo and collaboration projects.  He recently gave us the latest word on why he feels he’s been alienated from mainstream conversations and tells us what people can expect from his growing catalog of uncommon.

Words by Beastro

Beastro: Explain the reason for naming this new project The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP.

Necro: I wanted a name that was brutal, hard but simple, not something over thought, not trying to be clever and obscure, just brutal how my music is, MURDER MURDER KILL KILL  It’s an EP concept so it was more loose idea wise and it worked out cuz it inspired the best artwork of 2012, NOBODY WILL HAVE BETTER ARTWORK THIS YEAR, you can bet ya girl’s vag on it.  Read the rest of this entry

Scram Jones ft. Swigga – “Voices in the Attic”

Scram and Swigga get busy with the flow over Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You”.  Read our exclusive interview with Scram Here.

INNER VIEW – Jon Connor

From Season 2

In the Terminator films, Jon Connor was the leader of the human resistance group whose mission was to terminate the self-aware, artificially intelligent machines.  As Hip-Hop enthusiasts, we constantly find ourselves in a battle to preserve and promote authentic culture and music.  All Varsity Entertainment’s artist is here for similar reasons.  We chopped it up with the young homie who’s been consistently buzzing on the mixtape circuit and preparing to drop more of what his fans have been waiting for.  It”s Jon Connor, “The People’s Rapper”.

Words by Will Loiseau

Can you remember the first rhyme you wrote that impressed your friends?

I had friends who used to battle every day on the bus in elementary school.  They would pass it over to me and I told them I couldn’t rap.  I remember I went home and wrote two bars and made up my mind that I would spit them the next day.  The following day, on schedule they passed a turn over to me and when I spit my bars the whole bus went crazy.  I was like eleven or twelve and from then on it was on.  I liked being able to make people feel some type of way with words.  From that point the kids started waiting for me to get on the bus and hear what I had to say in the cypher.  There’s no better feeling than that.   Read the rest of this entry

INNER VIEW: Scram Jones

Man of Many Hats

 New Rochelle, NY’s Scram Jones has made music for more than a few familiar names in the music industry.  On the flip side, he’s also shared the microphone with some legendary rhyme slingers you might have heard of.  What many don’t know is that this noble student of Hip Hop’s periodic table honed his skills through DJ battles.  Bitten by the bug he didn’t stop there continuing on a journey to create a one man band.  Degrees in audio engineering and sociology help him to study his audience and provide sonic solutions.   We talked with the versatile record spinner/producer/emcee and asked him, what’s next?

Words by T. Smokestack

Tell me about the first time you performed live as a rapper.  Where was it?  What was the crowd reaction?  Did you have a record out at the time?

Scram Jones: First time I performed live as a rapper was at a show at Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) – I had my boys on stage and basically rapped to them- lol – I wasn’t ready yet to face the crowd – and I think I screamed my lyrics-lol! Later, I learned to connect with the crowd, command my voice and use breath control. I had some records on Napster out at the time and a demo floating around but no big records.  It still was cool cuz I had a band on stage with me and turntables so I made up for it by scratching with band…this was 99!  Read the rest of this entry



The keys to better health are in your hands!  Get up and ride out.

 Words by Soundoff

Writing, recording, performing, shooting videos, interviews and enduring a rigorous tour schedule.  Sound exhausting? Well, being a rapper these days is sort of like playing a sport.  In order to excite fans at a show or last any decent amount of time as an artist in show-business, health must become a focus.  Read the rest of this entry

Read the Current Issue of Rapper’s Delite Magazine Now!

What’s good RD Massive!  Rapper’s Delite issue 03 is here with legendary rapper and producer Erick Sermon, along with M.O.P.’s Billy Danze, Scram Jones and more. Plus, up and coming talents Everybody Official make their own lane.  Are you in good health?  We find out if you are going to Rhyme or Die.  We also question the difference between Rap and Hip Hop and a pioneer weighs in!  Relax and enjoy a special mix below fro DJ Cut Supreme.

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ATTN RAPPER’S: Need Beats? We Got You!

Rapper's Delite Issue 02 - Original Sugarhill Gang

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