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The Brain-work behind the boards

MPC Minute ft. AraabMuzik (Video)

Akai’s MPC Renaissance, their new hardware/software digital audio workstation promises the classic MPC feel with increased processing power.  Producer AraabMuzik provides a brief demonstration of what it looks and sounds like being banged on.  Did Akai get it right with this one? What’s your pad beat maker of choice?

Producer Bangladesh Talks Getting $ For Beats

Grammy Award winning producer Bangladesh breaks down his experiences on the basic avenues of getting paid as a music producer.  The industry today has almost as many people making beats as there are rapping.  Why is it that so few become known names?  First and foremost, the producers who many of you may have in your top ten or twenty list have studied the business of music.  Many times this means making mistakes and learning lessons the hard way in this ever-changing climate.  In this clip, the producer of Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy” and Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” gives his answer on the question many of you are wondering.   How do I get money for those beats sitting in my hard drive?

Vintage Throwback – Necro @ The Cop Shop

Necro stopped by the influential Hip Hop record spot’s in store series to clear the air.  Peace to everyone who came out to the 3rd year shut down anniversary reunion.

Before: INNER VIEW – Necro

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Rap VS Hip Hop – Is There a Difference in 2012?


Words by Drew Spence


 attended the New Jersey Golden State Film Festival for the premier of I Want My Name Back, a documentary by Roger Paradiso profiling the early years and recent history of The Sugarhill Gang. This is a film you need to see because it gives us the back-story to what may be the most important song in the history of Rap music. “Rapper’s Delight” gave us the single lyric that every person has at least said once.  Read the rest of this entry

New Issue: Producer’s Edge Magazine- DJ Premier

Preem gives the Run Down on his indie label Year Round Records. Learn how Preem is making nu klassics with an old classic.

Klasik Archives Show

On August 15, 2010, we will gather together talented up and coming artists to work along side some of the best well established style originators.  Hip-Hop acts that range from today’s independent artists, well recognized 90’s acts, pioneers from the 80’s, R&B artists, rock, funk and experimental groups will all represent.  Read the rest of this entry

Cover your Ass: Protect your Purchases

It’s been months since you first eyed that musical piece, the one you’re sure will add on to your studio setup. You read the price tag and decided that it was worth tightening up your belt and eating grilled cheese sandwiches for how ever long it took. You even shopped around to find out if anyone was having a sale or offering a feasible payment plan before getting trigger-happy. Once all your scratch is saved up it’s time to make that trip to the store and face the moment of truth. You’re at the register when all of a sudden the sales associate asks you if you’d like to add an extended warranty for $?? The whole time you were saving, the only figures you had in mind were the advertised sticker price and some sales tax. How’s that for a wicked screwball? If you agree and pay extra for the coverage you might walk out feeling…taken. Was that salesperson just after commission so they could support their nicotine habit? If you decline and decide to walk out without it you might end up second guessing yourself. What happens if something goes wrong after the one year factory warranty? A year should be enough time right?  Read the rest of this entry

We articulate pain and suffering through art

For many of us 2010 has gotten off to a challenging start. I recently had the fortune and misfortune of surviving one of the most catastrophic earthquakes of our time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 12th. That Tuesday, the day after I had arrived, has extended my perspective on the union that all people consciously or unconsciously share. I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for their thoughts, kind words of encouragement and votes of confidence in this year being one that brings opportunities for growth and empowerment. As I chronicle these experiences, some of the most memorable moments have been the manner in which people from around the globe have displayed human compassion and solidarity.

Other priceless moments that I will keep with me were the impromptu vocal and instrumental jam sessions amongst people who had never met during periods of anguish and uncertainty. As musicians and creative individuals we articulate pain and suffering through art. This is what allows us to regain a sense of who we are and of what impact music may have on the paths of others.  Read the rest of this entry