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Things you gotta to do in order to do what you wanna

INNER VIEW: Keeping It Raw with Dr. Graham

DrGrahamRDBesides opening this year’s Grammys, Beyoncé and Jay Z recently made efforts at adopting a more plant-based lifestyle as a “spiritual and physical cleanse.”  Russell Simmons, André 3000, Common, stic. man and others have been successful for years eating this way.  No matter how much celebrity you may have the state of good health has never been for sale.  Obesity, cancer, diabetes, stroke, erectile dysfunction and other preventable diseases are at an all-time high.  Proper dietary awareness has never been more important. 

Dr. Doug Graham is a lifelong athlete and author of The 80/10/10 Diet, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Grain Damage and other books.  He has coached elite athletes worldwide and continues to educate people on how to live healthier and happier lives.  I talked with him recently about his journey and things we all can do to improve our quality of life.    Read the rest of this entry



The keys to better health are in your hands!  Get up and ride out.

 Words by Soundoff

Writing, recording, performing, shooting videos, interviews and enduring a rigorous tour schedule.  Sound exhausting? Well, being a rapper these days is sort of like playing a sport.  In order to excite fans at a show or last any decent amount of time as an artist in show-business, health must become a focus.  Read the rest of this entry

Straight Shots At the Bar. Bottoms Up! – (Part 2)

As promised, we continue with our conversation with the athletic alchemist of the Bartendaz, Dr. G.  In this segment, we get into the simplicity of making healthy meals and find out what the Bartendaz have in store for the new year.  Check it out.

Will: What did you eat for breakfast this morning and how long did it take to prepare?

Dr. G: This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with some guava to flavor it, almonds and a glass of room temperature water with lemon.  It took me less than ten minutes to prepare.

What do you tell somebody who says it’s too expensive to eat healthy?  Doesn’t a $5 combo meal from the fast food spot or bodega make more sense?  Read the rest of this entry

Straight Shots At the Bar. Bottoms Up!


Considering the untimely deaths of Nate Dogg, Heavy D, the situation going on with DJ Kool Herc and the whole Hip Hop nation and world in general, the state of our health is of great concern.  BARTENDAZ/Giant Thinking Inc. is a non-profit organization looking to inspire self empowerment and impact lives through the principles of physical, social and moral excellence.  It’s CEO & founder is Hassan Yasin aka Giant.  We recently caught up with the scientific link behind the movement, Dr. Goodbody aka the Athletic Alchemist.  Pull up and have a drink.

 Words by Will Loiseau

Will: When did you become a member of the Bartendaz?

Dr. G: I’ve been a member of the Bartendaz for the last six years.

Why do you call yourself an athletic alchemist?

That’s a great question.  Alchemy is the ability to transform your base metals to a higher form.  Basically, I use athletics and movement to transform my lower self into my higher self.  The alchemist is a title that alludes to that ability to bring about our higher selves by using our lower selves being our physical bodies.  When you study history and look back at certain things like tai chi and yoga you can see that the Bartendaz is something new and at the same time it harps back to those indigenous movement systems.  Those systems tie in to the ability to use your body as an instrument for a higher purpose.

Every year we seem to be losing members of the Hip Hop community and the population as a whole due to preventable causes.  Why is health and fitness an ongoing problem?

It’s because of the images that we see especially, when we think about Hip Hop.  Your readers should know that the founder of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc is actually a member of the Bartendaz as well.  He told the CEO and founder Hassan Yasin aka Giant and me that health and fitness was the fifth and sixth elements of Hip Hop that kinda got forgotten.  Break dancing or B-boying was a part of that athleticism.  Now when we fast-forward and look at the way Hip Hop or rap music is packaged to the mass media, people are over-indulging in things that are counter-productive to our health.  What we find is that as we start to mature certain lifestyle choices you make in your teens and late-twenties don’t really evolve with your physical make up as you begin to approach your thirties and step into your forties.  The Hip Hop nation hasn’t really been aware of the need for good health.  That goes back for any young movement.  You can look back to a young jazz or a young rock, even techno music.  The young generation may feel the need to live on the fringes of society whether that is hard drug use, marijuana or alcohol.  The young people do it to experience their liberation to a degree.  What we know now as we’ve had some time to assess is Hip Hop is in its mid-life crisis.  One of the things that have been causing this crisis is that the health hasn’t been addressed.  It makes no sense for an MC Breed to fall out and have a heart attack playing basketball in his mid-thirties, Heavy D to die from a blood clot, for Phife [A Tribe Called Quest] to have kidney issues or various other individuals to be inflicted with these diseases.  Hip Hop is just a microcosm of the macro of what’s going on in society.  Our grandparents didn’t have many of these diseases 50 years ago.  These diseases are being manifested because of lack of movement and improper nutrition and it’s become the model.  Read the rest of this entry