Sean P Dead?! Summer Bummer

This weekend, the Hip Hop community lost an authentic voice and free spirit on and off the mic. Today, we hear thoughts from another talented artist and long-time supporter of art.

mind of the lone wolf


I found out today through a good friend that Sean Price died in his sleep at 43 years young. New school hip-hoppers – whose top 10 MC’s may include the likes of Waka Flocka and Drake – might be asking, “Sean who? You mean Big Sean?” Uh no, sorry Junior. Those of us in the know are mourning the loss of one of rap’s all-time top personalities. My heart hasn’t felt this heavy for the loss of an artist since Ol’ Dirty passed, or maybe Aaliyah or Big Pun. Maybe it’s because I bumped P’s music relentlessly, and followed every hilarious video clip on Youtube (among the must-see’s: “Sean Price Opens a Rap Clinic,” “The Joy of Painting with Sean Ross,” “Pawn Star’s Chumlee Vs. Sean Price’s Potato,” and “How Sean Price Stole Christmas”), but I really do feel like I lost someone close to me. Friends make you laugh when you feel down, and Sean did that for me…

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  1. His spirit will be missed.

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