P.R.O. – “Aftershocks” – Inspired by Quake: Horror and Hope in Haiti (Video)

Today, we get a new video from P.R.O.  It was inspired by the new book Quake: Horror and Hope in Haiti written by our own Editor-in-Chief, Will Loiseau. The lyric video features actual pictures from the book as well as numerous plot references.    Will was in the heart of Port-au-Prince during the catastrophic event five years ago. Quake goes beyond the confines of popular newspaper and television headlines.  Some of the book’s most captivating sections document the challenges Haitian people faced before, during and after the great earthquake. I even learned some things about this small, island nation’s significance in global history. The paperback, Kindle and Nook version of the book are available now. For more info on the book and Will’s upcoming U.S. book tour visit wloiseau.com. You can purchase P.R.O.’s single “Aftershocks” here.

– Monte


P.R.O. – “Aftershocks”






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  1. This track is mean

  2. Reblogged this on Producer's Edge and commented:
    Will Loiseau, the Editor In Chief of our bro mag Rapper’s Delite wrote a book about his experiences in Haiti during the Quake. That has inspired a song by P.R.O.

  3. …real heavy man

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