Killer Mike Addresses Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict in MO (Video)

There was once a time when Hip-Hop was used as a tool to deliver important messages to people in need. Atlanta emcee Killer Mike recently proved that this thought-process is still alive and well.  He addressed a crowd at a Run the Jewels concert shortly after Officer Darren Wilson escaped an indictment for killing an unarmed Michael Brown.


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  1. The prosecutor Bob McCulloch comes from a family of cops.
    His mother, father, brother and cousin all worked for the st. louis force.
    His father was killed in line of duty by a black suspect.
    Hes had a grudge for years and couldnt be impartial.
    Own something and build a real community.
    WTF??? Its time to wake up!!!

  2. Wilson pulled out his gun, killed Mike Brown, left the body stinking on the ground for hours and didnt even file an incident report. Thats justice?

  3. This kinda passion is what hip hop’s been missing

  4. I gotta hear their new album after this.

  5. Run the jewels is so dope for that. El p almost broke down

  6. Yo I am happy Killer Mike has come into his militancy on record and stayed independent. I needed as well as everybody else needed to hear that message.

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