Movie Review X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Movie Review X-Men: Days of Future Past

Wolverine and the X-men in their best outing yet.

X Men movie poster Past and Future clash to Fix the first class

Wolverine meets the X-men and his claws go far…

            Time travel, time travel, time travel.

            Time travel: a writer’s ultimate crutch and vehicle to place characters (and actors) from different eras on the same screen. It’s always been a risky gamble that I have yet to see pay off- in a way that’s truly worthy of the writing reach. Ask the Star Trek franchise about it- Picard and Kirk, Spock and um…Spock.


So what we have here is a bleak future for the Earth as the human vs mutant war draws to a close with the extinction of anything with funky genes. Hugh Jackman’s popular Wolverine is sent back in time to unite Professor X and Magneto in order to change…

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