Movie Review Godzilla 2014

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Movie Review Godzilla 2014

Act of Valor meets Silkwood meets Cloverfield and it works!


Godzilla Movie Poster The King plays Vegas

The King of Monsters awakens in 2014

Let’s get the ugly business out of the way first. Godzilla (2014) represents the second attempt to bring American audiences the Japanese hero/anti-hero/King of Monsters. The previous 1998 attempt (starring Mathew Broderick) stripped the franchise of every theme and motif except for the big monster stomping around and hoped you wouldn’t notice. Once you miss the point of what Godzilla represents, you are left with the human interest that’s supposed to hold our attention between the monster-mash-melees. That is why this trailer got me so excited. We have a very solid acting performance by Bryan Cranston playing nuclear plant-specialist Ford Brody. You get a glimpse of soldiers HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumping into combat. We see massive destruction and the iconic roar –…

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