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Movie Review X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Movie Review X-Men: Days of Future Past

Wolverine and the X-men in their best outing yet.

X Men movie poster Past and Future clash to Fix the first class

Wolverine meets the X-men and his claws go far…

            Time travel, time travel, time travel.

            Time travel: a writer’s ultimate crutch and vehicle to place characters (and actors) from different eras on the same screen. It’s always been a risky gamble that I have yet to see pay off- in a way that’s truly worthy of the writing reach. Ask the Star Trek franchise about it- Picard and Kirk, Spock and um…Spock.


So what we have here is a bleak future for the Earth as the human vs mutant war draws to a close with the extinction of anything with funky genes. Hugh Jackman’s popular Wolverine is sent back in time to unite Professor X and Magneto in order to change…

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New Tunes: Ab-Soul ft. Action Bronson & Asaad – “Stigmata”


These Days, the upcoming album from Ab Soul is on its way.  Until then, here’s a solid track to rock with.

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Movie Review Godzilla 2014

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Movie Review Godzilla 2014

Act of Valor meets Silkwood meets Cloverfield and it works!


Godzilla Movie Poster The King plays Vegas

The King of Monsters awakens in 2014

Let’s get the ugly business out of the way first. Godzilla (2014) represents the second attempt to bring American audiences the Japanese hero/anti-hero/King of Monsters. The previous 1998 attempt (starring Mathew Broderick) stripped the franchise of every theme and motif except for the big monster stomping around and hoped you wouldn’t notice. Once you miss the point of what Godzilla represents, you are left with the human interest that’s supposed to hold our attention between the monster-mash-melees. That is why this trailer got me so excited. We have a very solid acting performance by Bryan Cranston playing nuclear plant-specialist Ford Brody. You get a glimpse of soldiers HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumping into combat. We see massive destruction and the iconic roar –…

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Black Thought Blacks Out on Sway (Video)

?uestlove, Black Thought and the rest of The Roots crew have a new …and then you shoot your cousin album dropping next week.  They stopped by Hip-Hop Nation on Sirius XM to kick a flow with Sway.  Who’s iller than Thought with the freestyle?

The Roots ‘- …and then you shoot your cousin’ – (Album Stream)


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DJ Premier’s “Bars in the Booth” w/Jakk Frost (Video)

With session 3 Preemo brings Beardgang general Jakk Frost into the booth to spit some hot bars.

“Dope rhymes don’t come easy, It’s a skill.” – DJ Premier