Kanye West on Music Production, Michael Jackson & More (Video)

Kanye stops by the Juan Epstein show and talks about his early influences, production tools of choice, drums and meeting the late Michael Jackson.  Fashion talk seems to strike a nerve with Kanye these days.  Keep reading to watch and hear him lose it on Sway in the Morning.

Kanye Gets Heated on Sway in the Morning

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This blog is dedicated to all of the free thinkers who can appreciate the efforts of the ambitious and gifted artist.

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  1. So far the realist interview with Ye.
    All them other jokas keep asking dumb questions about fashion.

  2. He wrong for screaming on sway like that.

  3. Kanye a big brat

  4. You aint got all the answers!!!

  5. tick…tick…tick…

  6. Quit bitchin son

  7. Kanye is a genius at war with society. He make sense sometimes and other times he make people confused. Thats what a dude with visions like that do.

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