Fresh Talent Spotlite – Blow Flyy & Seven Trill

Canada’s Blow Flyy lets loose visuals from off of his It’s Like I Got A Set of Wings album. 

Seven Trill

Phoenix, Arizona’s Seven Trill shares his thoughts and emotions on “Illness”, a joint off of his Monsoon Season album.  Using a powerful Adele-sampled track and a calculated, rapid-fire flow, Trill rhymes about drugs, women, money and distrust among those around him.  Seven spits like he’s got a lot on his mind and chooses the medium of music to channel it.  Trill rhymes, “Got the skunk in my blunt, couple “15’s kicking in the back of the ‘lac/ then it’s back to the lab, so I tap on a sac/ What’s the haps? What’s the deal?, I’m just chasing my skrill/ rearranging the wheel, cause the pig’s on the kill.”

On his grind and ready for name recognition on a more global scale, Seven is a raw talent who’s knocking on the door.

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  1. These joints is aiight

  2. Trill went in on that

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