Summer Madness 3

Summer Madness 3


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Posted on September 10, 2013, in Hodgepodge. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Too many niggaz in one room at one time…smh

  2. URL need to start on time.
    Why we gotta wait 5 hours for a battle?
    That shit is wack.
    Of course somebody gonna catch a fist to they face.

  3. They just had to fuk up the $$$ for battle rap. It was all good just a week ago.

  4. Hoffa just proved to everybody that he not a real business man.
    His big paydays are ova.

  5. We drove out from PA to see that bullshit…nothing started on time, sound sucked all night and the event ends with a sucka punch….we couldnt get back in the building cause of all the fighting. They aint getting my money no more.

  6. Math couldnt take the heat so he hit and ran like a bitch. What a fail.

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