Centri – Music On My Mind (EP)


Centri releases a 5-song extended play before his long-awaited The Headless Nobody LP.  Listen to the first single and keep reading for the rest of the EP tracklist, download and stream.


M.O.M.M #MusicOnMyMind “ featuring (Sha Stimuli, Akir, Dokta Strange (Lenzmen)

– Spiting undeniable pure NY gutter verses over a dance track is unconventional.. but if it’s done right..if its executed with class.. with the perfect hook… it can be genius.   It’s because of those words said to me by a close but skeptical friend I said F that and with the help of 3 of the most quality MC’s in the sport, I crafted M.O.M.M. This is a track that will put a time stamp on what Hip Hop could sound like if people took their time and respected the power of the music.  True musicians always have it on their mind and never just throw it on the wall to see if it sticks…Naaaahhh…They mold it they listen to it and like a math problem they think about it until its damn near perfect.  This is a salute to all true artists who know what is to keep Music on their Mind in everything they do!

Monetary Policy

– When you combine normal day to day frustration on a global level, Monetary Policy is a doctrine that says ”We will survive” by any means.  Centri tackles the dubstep hip hop world with a concept that even if you’re an activist you still may have to work a 9 to 5.  The key is not to let them change your beliefs but to disguise you true intentions and ensure your future and family’s well being is secure by doing whatever it is you have to do….

We Write Killas – featuring (Dokta Strange (Lenzmen), Earthodox (Lenzmen)

-Quote from the song intro: “We just write Killas”…”We can write regular rhymes or battle rhyme or what have you but”.. “we write rhymes like we can killyou with em”..”therefore we deem them Killas”.. The track sounds like an angry haunted house on an empty stomach.. – Nuff Said!

Prune Juice:

-This song puts you in such a ill zone that you will either like it or it will eventually just grow on you.  “This song is proven to move, I might just call it Prune Juice”.  Centri drops some thought provoking lyrics that may get drown out on the 1st listen as bop your neck to a masterful snare and captivating hook


-When the bottom falls out of life is the only time you can truly measure the top. This song is an open book, with an open door policy to say ask me anything, because I’ve been there. Centri paints a graphic image of being able to pull it together in times of desperation and could viably be a theme song for all your moments of hardship.  “When there’s an can’t I’m the can in the homeless hand of calluses” riding fluidly over a brutal drum piece by Nasa (Uncommon Records)

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    Lenz Centri lands his EP on Rapper’s Delight- peep his music. Music on My Mind needs to be on your mind.

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  3. Tight stuff, dope cover art

    • Thanks Rappers Delite for the post and everyone for the comments and checking the material. Keeping the LENZ name strong ! (Lenzmwn.com) Lookout for Dokta Strange and Earthadoxs solo projects both in We Write Killas prod by Dynamcis Plus

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