New Tunes: Joe Budden – “Control” (Kendrick Response)

JoeBuddenRDAnother Slaughterhouse soldier has decided to take his turn to verbally exercise over the “Control” instrumental.  Are we there yet?


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  1. All of this is starting to become silly. No more please.

  2. Joey killin em

  3. He zoned in. Nobody dissin like Paposse though.
    Homie went bananas on that.

  4. Joell flow was better but Joe got deeper meaning and wordplay.

  5. Hip hop is exciting again. Guys got something to rap bout. Kendrick got the hotter verse. Funny…joe rhymed for twice as long.

  6. Joe mad cause he didnt get shouted out on the original.

  7. To spit bars is cool and all but this is boring after the first minute.
    If you aint gonna have a hook in your song then you better have something else to roc with.
    Joes an ill spitta but right here is boring. Couldnt give this a second listen.

  8. Ugggghhhhh!!!!!

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