Akir Maps Out “The Plan”


Akir aka Always Keep It Real is set to release his forthcoming LP The Plan on 9-24-2013 via Immortal Technique’s Viper Records imprint.  Akir states, The Plan is “my map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better.”  The Plan is produced in majority by Akir and his beat-making partnership with Ty Steez (The Sound) along with Omen with features from his “Rebel Army” brothers Immortal Technique, Poison Pen and Swave Sevah.  Keep reading for tracklisting and upcoming Akir tour dates.


Tracklisting and credits for Akir’s “The Plan” LP:


1.) “Balance” (produced by Akir)

2.) “Bear Arms” f/ Swave Sevah (produced by Akir)

3.) “Blow Me Away” f/ TL Cross (produced by The Sound)  

4.) “Explore” (produced by The Sound)  

5.) “Future” f/ Immortal Technique (produced by The Sound)      

6.) “Listen” f/ Sheena Grier (produced by Omen)

7.) “Love” f/ TL Cross (produced by The Sound)     

8.) “Power” f/ Poison Pen (produced by The Sound)    

9.) “Ride” (produced by Akir)

10.) “Shine” (produced by Ty Steez)

11.) “Sun” f/ Lo Diggs (produced by Ty Steez)

12.) “The Plan” (produced by Deborahs Son)


Upcoming Akir Tour Dates (with Immortal Technique & Brother Ali):


9-28-2013 – Rock The Bells DC.

9-29-2013- Philadelphia, PA

10-1-2013 – Boston, MA

10-2-2013- New haven, CT

10-3-2013- Northampton, MA

10-4-2013- South Burlington, VT

10-5-2013- Rock The Bells NYC



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