What do Eminem, Necro & Riley Cooper Have In Common?

If you haven’t already heard, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper used the word “nigger” at a Kenny Chesney concert last month and was recorded.  In an unprecedented move, the NFL has yet to suspend him and has allowed the team to discipline him with an undisclosed fine.  He has since apologized and will undergo sensitivity training. The NFL players are predominately black and while most of Riley’s team have forgiven him, it’s sure going to be interesting to watch his performance on the field this season.  How long will he last before he gets laid out on the field?

Hip Hop is a representation of the generation who came after the civil rights movement.  It’s a generation that has learned to embrace the distinct cultural differences of other races for a common cause or like of musical tastes.  We know the NFL locker rooms blast explicit Hip Hop before and after games.  Many of today’s artists use the “N-word” freely and white listeners repeat the lyrics in the presence of their black and Hispanic friends.  Should we be shocked that a white man also feels free to use the word after hearing it so many times?

In 1992, Necro and his brother Ill Bill perform in NYC in front of a mostly black and Hispanic audience.  If you listen close to the audio, he drops the word “nigga” and gets a few WTF?’s from the crowd.  They were caught off guard because it was rare for a white rapper to have enough skill and confidence to pull that off.  The brothers were given a pass that night because the crowd was feeling their lyrics, delivery and stage presence. We know that the context of the word “nigga” is totally different when used among black people.  It can be used as a term of endearment or used to describe anyone from any race.  When someone from another race says it in a derogatory manner it’s offensive.  That being said, could you imagine a white man doing that on stage during the 60’s in any context?  Can you imagine a black rapper on stage in front of a crowd full of Jews spitting Jewish epithets in a joking manner?

Let’s not kid ourselves and think that the word “nigga” isn’t used frequently behind closed doors.  Benzino spear-headed an attempt to assassinate Eminem’s character by revealing tapes from 1988 of the rapper using the word “nigga” and disrespecting black women.  The initial response from other black rapper’s in the industry was one of disgust.  The backlash may or may not have led to Em’s increased usage of drugs.  At one time, it looked as if his career might have been near the end.  As time went on and Em’s partners 50, Dr. Dre and the Interscope machine kept putting out hits, the storm blew over and things seem to have been forgotten.

In our lifetime, there won’t be a day when it’ll be okay for anyone to use the words “nigga” or “nigger” without offending someone.  It’s an unwritten rule. As strong as our attempts to diminish its hurt is, the history of the word will always be more powerful.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. There will be bounty’s on Cooper’s head…he won’t make it to October.

  2. Race gonna always be the elephant in the room until kids get real teaching.

  3. The words being said are wrong no matter who says it. Black people need to stop disrespecting themselves first by calling each other out of their names. Rappers sign contracts and sell their souls at the same time. C.R.E.A.M.

    • Without proper historical context abolition of the term is impossible. The Afro – American demographic had the word forced into their collective consciousness during an era when they were forcefully deprived of virtually all agency. Google “Pickaninny Peppermints” or “Niggerhead Shrimp” for examples of how wide spread usage of the phrase and its stereotypical depictions were throughout this hemisphere. The word has been inescapable for centuries, so any hopes we’ll simply retire it through an automation without a fundamental change to our community structures (economic / educational / political / social) are naive at best.

      The Riley Cooper incident is sparking debates throughout various media about this nation’s usage of the “N Word”. My question for non – African proponents of the term are the following:

      · Why do you want to use the term or any of its adaptations?

      · What will the ultimate application of the term be? (e.g. Will I Blacks become subject to name calling in public / private spaces such as Universities or the work place?)

      · How does Black entertainers (who are less than 1% of the Afro – American demographic) usage the of term justify greater societies use?

  4. necro crazy for that

  5. It dont matter if its pro sports or music, if people keep buying what they selling aint nothing gonna change.

    Put your money where your mouth is and stand for something.

  6. I wish the media would stop trying to use the current crop of rappers [and other youths] as the measure for what Afro-Americans are and even define as success. They are our entertainers, not political pundits, intellectual leaders and their concerns are not the concerns of our greater community. No other race has to deal with this. If there is an offense in the Japanese community, no one pulls up a Japanese teen idol and uses their music/image/lyrics as a guide for just how offended the Japanese are allowed to be.

    • Maybe so but the suits in politics don’t relate to the young black people. They act judgmental against us and fill their pockets with bribes any chance they get. The good reps of the people don’t get much air time.

  7. Philly gunna feast on that fool Riley in the streets. He best to stay low.

  8. They all can eat a phat dic

  9. It’s good to see anyone come out the closet. Don’t matter if your gay or a douche with hate running through your veins. At least everybody know who he really is now.

    I can hardly wait to see the 1st nfl free safety to tee off on riley’s racist ass.

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