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RD Issue 04

What’s good RD Massive?  Rapper’s Delite is here with new pages for you to flip through and share.  In issue 04 we talk the art of battle with Loaded Lux, perseverance with Jon Connor and gore with Necro.  dead prez’s also chops it up with us and we get into gmo’s.  Do you really know what’s on your dinner plate?  Keep reading to download the latest RD mixtape.  

DOWNLOAD – Rapper’s Delite ‘Fully Loaded’ (Mixtape) p.50


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  1. u guys got the illest mag out!

  2. This issue is crazy!!!

  3. The gmo piece you did here is real like cancer.

  4. mags like these are rare, keep putting these out RD!

  5. yall nailed this issue. you need to get at run the jewels though.

  6. This is nice!

  7. Your mag needs more features but other that that it’s a good read. Good look for raw rap music.

  8. You got a real hardcore issue here. The graphics is tight. Cant wait for the next one.
    I fuks with this heavy!

  9. luv your interview with stic. thats some real g shit right there.
    healthy is the new gangsta.

  10. This was fun to read Wicked features too! Is this on newsstands anywhere?

  11. Congrats on the new issue!

  12. really good, love this

  13. Mag is stooopid! Shouts to you guys.

  14. Greatness with this magazine RD.

    Here’s to many more

  15. Keep em coming

  16. Kold mag fams!

  17. Cheers from Australia.

  18. This mag is so needed.
    Keep killin it!

  19. Hip hop hooray!

  20. The best hip hop mag out.

  21. Good like a home cooked meal.

  22. The realest

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