Fresh Talent Spotlite – J. Grey (Drunken Monk) & LTC

James Grey

What starts out as a typical trap music track makes a sharp turn toward the unusual.  James Grey spits rhymes with a light-hearted, rapid flow over a varying whistle, water-sprinkling hi-hat and clap snare.  The hypeman adlibs are hilarious with a reference to the “ha-dou-ken” Street Fighter yell.

James raps, “The reason I grind is I don’t settle for less/Just snap your neck/I’m a rock it hard/I don’t even get started till after dark.”

The third verse gets a little out of control with the singing chants sounding like karaoke on a Friday night.  That aside, with a bit of push we can easily see a song like this receiving some airplay on college and internet radio stations.


“Warrior’s Dance” is written and produced by Boston, MA’s LTC (Lightning the Cape).  The off-key intro and chorus sounds like it has meaning but will undoubtedly drive away some listeners.  It’s obscure and the music takes a while before breaking into the beat pattern.

There are a few moments throughout where LTC shows flashes of lyrical spark.

He raps “Better learn your place/ Snitches bringing up a cold case/ Disappearing with no trace/ Getting pounded by the bass.”

In the end, it’s not always what you say but how you say it.  Although performed with high energy, vocal control and delivery of these lines are where improvements would likely transform this song.  LTC’s love for hip hop can be felt in the music and can only drive him to become better at his craft.


– Mike Mill

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