Fresh Talent Spotlite – Man-u-iLL & Atman


Man-u-iLL has got some issues with some of the images being shown on popular media.  Confident that he can make a change he puts forth a solid effort over the Jay Notez production.  He rhymes with charisma and explains his beef without sounding bitter.  He raps “I don’t care about your chain, watch, trucks or your Jag/F**k your swag, I don’t care about your shoes, purse or what’s in the bag.”

“F**k Your Swag” shows Man-u-iLL’s hunger and even a slight comedic touch with the social media references at the songs end.  It’ll be interesting to hear what other topics Man-u-iLL has on his mind.


The self-written and produced “She Got Me” sounds like a comfortable lane for Atman.  Singing melodies and conscious lyrics are a breath of fresh air.

Atman says, “Mother, sister, daughter or a wife/ Every real man’s got a woman in his life/ so why must we disrespect them, straight neglect them, even chin-check them…oh let me stop stressing.”

The metronome in the beginning of the song and throughout could have been left out or minimized but overall the track is smooth, soulful and has got a message that needs to be heard.  We’ll see what Atman can deliver in his promising future.

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  1. Atman > Drake

  2. Fuk yo swag! lol

  3. Manuill got some flows. Lol

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