INNER VIEW: Perfectly Made Kicks


An exclusive pair of footwear not only makes one standout, it can also help to polish an outfit and put a stamp on an image.  Did you notice those wicked kicks that Jay-Z wore during the Brooklyn Nets’ historic first home game at the Barclays Center?  All RD Massive recognized those as the Brooklyn Zoo “Bespoke Air Jordan 1’s” that we debuted on this site.  The dudes over at Perfectly Made Kicks Customs haven’t stopped there.  We got a chance to chop it up with CEO Andre Scott.  He let us in on what we should look for in 2013.

Words by Will Loiseau

Will: It’s rare to see a collaborative union with a tech company and a movement like yours.  Tell us about your new venture with Internet Explorer.

Andre: We did 27 custom shoes with them back in May.  After that Bryan Saftler asked us what he can do to help us move the brand forward.  I wasn’t sure at the time.  He suggested that he could build us a “html 5” design site.  I’m like cool, let’s go with it.  They wanted it to be better than Nike ID and include more features.  We’re at the beginning right now with the site but our goal is to have Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and more so people can choose from a variety of silhouettes.  Every other week we’ll be adding more and more options. 

What made Internet Explorer want to get involved with the sneaker game?

The top two tech companies in the world are Microsoft and Apple.  Right now Apple is considered by many to be the cooler brand.  That logo of theirs is etched in a lot of people’s minds.  The recent passing of Steve Jobs changed the tech world in some ways.  They saw an opening with the sneaker community. It’s definitely their demographics.  The sneaker world’s not going anywhere because there’s always gonna be a new pair dropping and people will always be collectors.  What’s better for them than to join with the custom kings and embrace the young and cool crowd?

What’s the most popular style of sneaker right now?

I would definitely say basketball sneakers are the most popular.  It’s between the retro J’s (Air Jordan’s) and LeBron’s (LeBron James).  We’ll work on those from time to time.  We personally don’t do too many customizations on a lot of them because they are already classics.  LeBron is dropping some dope color waves right now.  The LeBron X (10) “Cork’s” are crazy!

I recently got to see the Jordan 28’s.  I can’t get over the way they look with the upper zipped up.  Any feelings on those?

I’m not a fan of J’s unless they’re the retro models…the ones that he actually wore.  They were from one to eleven.

Anything else that we should look out for from you guys? 

We have some new projects lined up for the beginning of next year.  It’s a little too early to speak on them right now but you guys will get the exclusive when we’re ready to launch.

Thank you for talking with Rapper’s Delite.


BEFORE: Brooklyn Zoo (Bespoke Air Jordan 1)

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