Django Unchained Movie Review


Quentin Tarantino writes and directs an exploitation comedy Django Unchained that takes place a couple of years before the Civil War.  Django (Jamie Foxx) is sought after by former German dentist turned bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), who buys his freedom.  The duo then ride horses throughout the snowy, Deep South.  Django’s in search of his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) and Schultz needs help to capture the Brittle Brothers, who are wanted “Dead or Alive.” 

Strong dialogue between Django and Dr. Schultz comes off as natural as they become ruthless business partners.  Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the Mississippi estate master you want to grab by the neck and snatch out of the screen.  Tarantino’s stamps his directorial style with exaggerated camera close-ups, musical cues, bloody gore, cameos and plot twists but it’s not over-dose.  Flashbacks of torture help guide this film to some meaningful places.  Other scenes command gut-wrenching emotions just when you might feel as if social injustice is being taken too lightheartedly.  Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), the most annoying yet key player as Calvin’s Uncle Tom house slave, transforms the films direction.

The comedic depiction of America’s darkest truth will always cause controversy.  Watching a movie with the word “nigger” used over a hundred times is like listening to today’s average rap album.   We’ve been programmed and even conditioned ourselves to digest it easier. We’d fool ourselves to think mainstream Americans aren’t gradually doing the same.

Django’s character was far from subservient in the harshest of environments.  He’s comfortable in his new found position of power, quickly learning how to maneuver through racism to kill and regain his wife.  It’s rare to see a love story between a strong black man and woman on the big screen.  Each supporting actor nailed their roles in context of the films backdrop.  A spaghetti western/’70’s blaxploitation/revenge on America’s history of slavery is totally left field.  A Christmas release date is also uncanny.  That all adds up in making this an entertaining work.

– Lex Cougar

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  1. We need a Nat Turner movie…i’d rather go see that

  2. This movie was better than i thought it would be.

  3. A movie on Toussant L’Ouverture would have been the best Christmas gift but I wont hold my breath on ever seeing that. At least QT took the risk to say something about racism, a subject hollywood loves to screw up.

  4. I saw the movie in a room full of white people and im sure they all knew the n-word would be said 100 times. Its said plenty behind closed doors. This movie breaks records cause the “mystery” of slavery will always draw a crowd.

  5. Is BET bout to run another Roots marathon? smfh

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