Murda Mook Talks Battling Eminem (Video)

Murda Mook and Goodz visit Sway in the Morning.  Mook discusses the Smack DVD battles that put him on the larger map.  He also goes into his desire to battle Marshall.  Would you want to see that take place?


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  1. I couldnt call that one b…mook might have something for em

  2. That battle would never happen cause mainstream rappers got too much to lose.
    I think Em would get him though.

  3. Em dont want it with mook son

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Eminem would win hands down!!

  5. The streets wanna see this happen.

  6. Em would open that can of ether on Mook. It wouldnt last 3 rounds.

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