Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

Be honest.  How many times have you watched a commercial and went right out to buy whatever product was being advertised?  Probably more times than you’d like to admit, right? Sometimes, it may take more than one view but commercial ads are still powerful marketing tools.   In a couple months, the 2013 Superbowl will be played in New Orleans.  With more than 100 million expected to watch worldwide, 30-second ads are fetching $4 million.  Companies justify these outrageous expenses by their anticipated returns in product sales. 

What about major record labels and independent artists?  Not too long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for your favorite rapper to have several videos per album.  Clever artists would string songs together with a main theme and make movies.  With a DVD player and monitors in your vehicle you could practically watch a whole album.   These days a video for a summer mixtape will end up dropping in the fall.  By then, if the artist hasn’t kept hitting you with music, you most likely moved on to something else.

The folks over at MTV might as well change the letters to RTV because “reality” shows have replaced music and dominated their airspace.  A video might hold you in a trance for 4 minutes but a show can keep you entertained for 30 to 60 minutes.  That’s a much better sell for advertisers.  BET and VH1 have also spiraled in the direction of more sex and violence.  Waiting for them to play our favorite videos is just out of the question now.  Maybe that’s why Top 40 radio is still a force today.  Multiple stations on the dial will play the same songs every 15 minutes every hour on the hour.  Isn’t that great?

The fact that you still comment whenever we post tells us that music videos still interest you.  Videos are much easier and cost-effective to produce today and many artists fund them out of their own pockets.  Does a clever visual influence you to go out and purchase the artists’ songs, album or merchandise?  After watching a video are you more likely to go see the artist perform when he or she comes to your hood? Do you prefer downloading the free mixtape and keeping it moving?  How about the artist with 99¢ singles who doesn’t have any videos out?  What does it take for you to support an artist?

– Mascott

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  1. Cant stand mtv no more. Even the award shows is wack.

  2. Rae made vids for almost all the cuban linkz album. times done changed.

  3. mtv is for little kids…they used to have decent content but now every program is fantasy garbage. everyone has a camera following them tryin to claim they real…smh

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