Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – IslatiTheRevo, STRETCH-9 & Lyrical Storm®

IslatiTheRevo shows off “Answer the Call”, a self-produced track with a dramatic chorus while spitting rapid branch chained lyrics.  With a commendable performance including tight flow and a strong delivery, Islati spits a war cry on wack rappers.  He doesn’t claim to be the best but he stakes his claim as part of the solution to improving rap’s good music catalog.  He spits, “If you’re with me throw a fist in the air/Launch it in the sky like the 4th of July/Scream at the top of your lungs, a war cry/Answer the call if you refuse to die.”  We look forward to hearing more from this budding artist.


In “Can’t Hold Me Down” STRETCH-9 takes an introspective look into his journey and focuses on inspirational rhymes.  The song’s chorus with electric guitar riffs.  Although the passion in his voice in attempts to match content with the instrumental, the rapper’s rapid flow would benefit from a switch every now and then.   The motivational theme will appeal to those going through struggles and searching for a positive message. StretcH-9 is living a dream and looking at the top of the mountain.

To hear music from STRETCH-9 click here.

With an old school delivery reminiscent of a young Too Short, Lyrical Storm® attacks weak rappers and expresses his dislike for actions he sees in the music industry.  Over organs and claps, Storm attempts to shake down rappers banking on major labels to push them to stardom only to be put on the shelf in favor of other acts.  Lottery Ticket doesn’t miss the mark completely although Lyrical Storm® would benefit from improved production and attention to the mastering of vocals and sometimes inaudible ad-libs.  We look for solid performances in his future.

– Carson Edwards

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  1. That revo dudes aiight

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