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Eight years ago, and his partner in rhyme M-1 released their hood approved and universally appreciated second studio album RGB: Revolutionary But Gangsta.  The political and cultural awareness embedded in sharp lyricism has allowed the music to stand out on its own and give fans food to grow on.  Much has changed since ’04 and a lot of rapper’s have come and gone.  We got a chance to find out how has used lifestyle changes to improve his mind, body and message behind the new music.

When did you decide to make fitness and nutritional lifestyle changes and who/what influenced you to make that decision? 

 It’s been a steady progression for the last decade or more. Even before that though Malcolm’s autobiography hipped me to stop eating pork. I met my wife almost twenty years ago and she was basically a vegetarian and that encouraged me to go further. But I was still thuggin and smoking herb a lot and drinking liquor and sneaking in a whopper here and there…until I got gout. My left leg was outta commission and wifey helped me heal without medicines and I became a vegan based off what I learned about how my diet and lifestyle had caused me to develop gout. I wanted to get my leg back strong and so became a Kung Fu student in my hood. Today I feel better than ever!!!! I am what i call a sober soldier.  No weed, alcohol or drugs…street or prescription.  I’m training for a marathon and continuing my journey, sharing my enthusiasm through my new health and fitness album The Workout and the RBG FIT CLUB, building and growing.


Was it a gradual movement or did you just quit certain habits once and for all?

 It’s been an ongoing process of learning, developing discipline, integrating new info into my lifestyle, adjustments, and then got it! So, not cold turkey but once I make a commitment I have an abundant amount of determination to accomplish my goals. The challenge gives me energy itself.


How difficult was it to give up things you had once craved?  

 When you ready to make a change it’s not hard. I just had to let go of my patterns of self-destructive thinking and then the behavior was easy to shift. Exercise and martial arts gives me an alternative so I could experience a REAL natural high and not an artificial one. And the foods that I now eat give me abundant energy and I feel young as ever. Running 12 miles is my idea of getting a buzz these days, lol.


How have those changes helped you as an artist in the studio and/or on stage?

 My passion for emceeing was resurrected with the lifestyle changes. I had been getting tired of saying the same things over and over. Instead of the negative protest type of attitude I have embraced a more positive proactive type of attitude and it has opened up a whole other source of creative inspiration. From my training there are so many metaphors and parallels that give my songwriting new angles and subjects to express. I don’t know if I would’ve even continued with dead prez if I hadn’t found a more conducive outlet for where my mind, body and spirit are evolving. So, I truly know that without my lifestyle shift over the years I probably woulda been out the game by now…but now I feel like I’m just getting my second wind and I’m excited and looking forward to doing so much more!


What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

 An organic peach and some green tea and a chickpea miso broth over organic brown rice and 26 oz of filtered water.


There’s no health care in the music industry. Very few if any artists have anything in their contracts to account for a medical issue.  How has this been allowed to go on for so long?

 That’s a great question. I don’t know exactly but I suppose it has a lot to do with the lifestyle of overindulgence and drugged out mania that is associated with the music industry. If you keep the slave drunk and high enough when will the slave come to the conclusion that he should organize himself for his human rights? There’s many angles to it. I think the music game has conditioned most artists to want to get that chance to shine so bad  that they don’t wanna do nothing to challenge their chance at stardom. People come from dire situations and just wanna cake up. A lotta folks ain’t tryna challenge the machine itself they tryna get in good with But I think that it’s not just that you want any old healthcare. You don’t want free access to more drugs and pills and pharmaceutical side effects. Now that’s what healthcare means in this country. We need preventative holistic, non-narcotic, self-healing, natural therapies more than ever. That’s not on the music industries list of to do’s nor the US govt’s.


As an artist who’s been on many tours, you’re well aware of the poor food choices available on the road.  How do you get around this, especially in other countries?

 When I can I hit Whole Foods and cook my own meals.  When we order out we select the healthiest options of veggies and some fish at

Thai food, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese etc…Health food grocery stores, juice and smoothie bars and things like that. Also our fans hit us and tell us the healthy spots to check when we get to their areas.


Tell us about any new projects we can expect to hear/see from you in the near future.

 I’m producing my next solo album part 2 of the Workout and a musical documentary on Running. I just scored a film called Soul Food junkies directed by Byron Hurt and dead prez new album Information Age album is out now. Also RBGFITCLUB.COM is offering a lot of free resources to the community to keep the healthy motivation going strong.



You and M-1 made it clear that you haven’t ghostwritten for Nas but without naming names, have you ever ghostwritten for any artists we might be familiar with?

I’ve written a verse or two for m1 if we were pressed for time or if I’d had a specific vision for a song he’d be like write what you feel I should say… Not often but here or there. And when I write I ask EVERYONE in the room to help so there are many folks who don’t even rap that have contributed to my rhymes. I love input and instant feedback.  My wife and son are probably tired of ghostwriting for me! Lol


Anything else you’d like to share with our readership?

 I’d love to invite anyone interested to check out my site where my solo works and a lot of dead prez merchandise, books, music, tee shirts and RBG fit club gear is available.

Also to join in on the stimulating conversations at Facebook/sticrbg

We be having meaningful fun chopping it up live all the time.

Also folks can check out my radio show balance radio at


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  1. Some real right here. Dope. Info age aint there best work but they talkun about something

  2. Smart dude…the youth exposed to drugs, sex and killin. Dead prez the truth

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