Iron Solomon vs. Murda Mook @ Summer Madness 2 (Video)

Words by Scarpen

This had to be the most anticipated battle of the night.  Murda Mook won the coin toss and actually decided to go first like he was anxious to get some shit off his chest.   Before each round he said “I know I know you from somewhere”… Murda Mook broke Solomon down early with an intellectual attack. He questions him as being an opportunist, being true to his jewish religion and references a chic he met that said he had issues performing in bed.  Iron Solomon comes back but it wasn’t as entertaining as Mook… it was more rehearsed sounding.   At the end of the battle Mook calls Diddy to come back and the references to “I know you from somewhere” come to full fruition.  He reenacts the Trayvon Martin scene, throws on a hoodie and claims that Solomon is Zimmerman and starts to rhyme from the perspective of Trayvon Martin as if he was resurrected.  It was a very creative and entertaining close.  Murda Mook won this in my opinion.



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  1. Damn…Mook still killing em.

  2. Its about time

  3. Solomon met his match this one son

  4. When iron tried to flow he went wack from the start. They almost apolloed him off the stage third round.

  5. Classy move by iron at the end giving respec. He was overpowered in this battle.

  6. “This nigga had some nerve sayin this is Jordan vs Bird…is you kiddin me this is jordan vs kerr” Lolz

  7. Brutal lyrical beatdown son.

  8. Straight bullshit yo. Yeah, Give Iron props cause he gave daps after the battle…he had no where to turn, and like stated…he is a real man. Mook on the other hand turned and spun like a fukin merry go round. Solomon wasn’t even mic’d up to show you how bia’s this was from the jump. If he wasn’t in Mooks grill screamin, his verses weren’t even heard (mook talking and spinning around knowing he’s deafin the volume from him. Disrespect). Mook had some hard punches, I’ll say that, but Iron was more creative. Comparing him to Zimmerman?! Word? #droptheracepickupthepace.

    Rematch with equal volume. Let’s get it.

  9. Iron dont want no rematch. His confidence was shook early because he knew he was in over his head. His abc, sing song flow sounded garbage and he knew it. He had some slick lines but he didn’t adapt to the crowd. Mook’s Zimmerman routine was out of place though.

  10. this battle was over after the first verse

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