Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe @ Summer Madness 2 (Video)

Words by Scarpen

Thousands came through this year to witness battle rap history.  Hands down the most entertaining entrance of the night was when Loaded Lux dressed in a suit lead a team of pallbearers with women all dressed in black carrying a casket that had Calicoe written on the front in big letters.  Off top the crowd was rowdy and captivated by what this battle had in store.  In the beginning Calicoe’s energy and clarity was digging in Loaded Lux.  You could tell his confidence was high and lines like “I hear the fastest way thru Harlem was the A train..But when I cock the fastest way thru Harlem will be an ambulance” were killer.  Loaded Lux had a style that had a lot a lyricism and his flow was fast, making it difficult to understand exactly what he was saying.  Suddenly the unthinkable happens and Loaded Lux forgot his rhymes.  Of course Calicoe weighed in on him making references to the choke and went back in on his lyrical assault on Loaded Lux.  Loaded Lux comes back picking up where he left off and being a lot more clearer and more animated.  At a point in the battle he asks permission to address the crowd and points to the screen where there was an Instagram picture of Calicoe skinny dipping that he posted up in July.  He then says that’s how Detroit gangsters do skinny dipping gone wild/ but we aint judging though he aint on trail.  Loaded Lux got him and won that battle.


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  1. Word! Calicoe got touched up in this battle.

  2. That casket entrance was cold

  3. “Your life would’ve had a better fight on a bed sheet drying”…Lol! Lux is krazy

  4. Lux wasnt that much better. The crowd was all on his side from the jump. Calicoe would have got em if it were somewhere else

  5. Why lux went in on dudes pops like that? Ruthless! That’s what won it for me.

  6. Never seen somebody forget their lines and then come back to win…only in NY.

  7. I’d wanna see a rematch in the D.

  8. They taking too long to post these battles. I done forgot about this already. Who the hell is running url? Ya’ll slippin

  9. He gon get this work!

  10. One of the sickest battles son

  11. str8 body bag

  12. Lol. Too funny!

  13. i felt sorry for cat after round one…damn. straight murked him

  14. Can you say crushhh!!! Damn

  15. my favorite videos to check at work…lol

  16. calicoe dont need to battle no mo

  17. CAlico killed Lux

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