Dead Prez on Nas Ghostwriting Rumors (Video)

Did Nas use ghostwriters on his records?  Does it really matter?  Would that take away from the previous contributions he’s made to the Hip Hop culture?  Anyone who’s spent long hours in the studio with equally creative individuals would be lying if they said they never heard something they liked or may have wish they said.  Artists are influenced by their environment.  It’s always possible for an idea to mean something as much or more to another like-minded individual.  Biting (Yeah, that was at one time against the rules) and taking someone else’s theory line for line without their consent is grounds for concern even today.  That’s a good sign because we’re still talking about it and you’re still reading.  On the other hand, collaborations among artists will always spill thoughts and even words from one mind to the other.  That’s part of the purpose of working with other talented artists in the first place.  Dead Prez sit down with Sway In the Morning and discuss their side of the rumored stories concerning the making of Nas’ 2008 Untitled (Nigger) album.  Tell us what you think and keep reading as and M1 perform their anthem: “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop”.  


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  1. I wont ever believe anybody wrote for Esco…absurd

  2. “Hip Hop” is straight classic hype music!

  3. When they putting out music? They albums all solid

  4. Rapper’s today aint much different from r&b singers getting their songs written. Nas got the same style though so i dont buy him needing anybody written his scripts.

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