New Kicks: Imperial Yeezy 2

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PMK teams up with Philadelphia based sneaker chain Villa to offer the worlds first Custom Yeezy 2 for a ticketed Charity raffle.  A lot of folks may not quite understand what PMK’s motto ” Nothing Is Safe” means… until now. Follow @PMKcustoms and @RuVilla on Twitter for the instructions on how to obtain your raffle tickets. Many artist cringe at the thought of customizing this shoe because of its resale value, but truthfully, the real fright that they experience is rooted in the difficult task of adding the right element to its already complex design! PMK boldly goes where no man has gone before, taking the challenge without fear of what the critics will think or say. The Air Yeezy 2 gets a much needed golden treatment and The Imperial Yeezy is born. Using the shoes existing Egyptian theme as the guide. The odd silhouette gets a blend of three metallic paints, transforming the scaled leather into golden wings.  The metal lace ends were switched to match the 24K golden treatment.  The Yeezy packaging is taken to new heights by transforming its cardboard predecessor into a box fashioned after the design of the shoe!  A magnetic hinged strap is added to the box along with a glow in the dark paint job that covers the bottom of the front of the box, mirroring the sneaker design to a T!


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  1. That glo in the dark ish is kray

  2. Need a pair of these.

  3. Yeezy’s got people nuts over these. Cant front though

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