Eminem & 50 Cent Talk How To Make Money Selling Drugs – (Video)

In this post-industrial era in the U.S. there are far too many examples of those who have fell victim to the current state of the economy.   How To Make Money Selling Drugs, a new documentary produced by actor Adrian Grenier from Entourage, promises to take a closer look at an alternative that some choose.  At first I thought this was some sort of skit but there seems to be a real agenda behind this film.  The drug trade is packaged as an exciting, thrill-seeking career that offers unbeatable perks.  It comes across as an infomercial inviting young, unguided youth into a game where few if any come out better than they were before they started.  It is set to hit the Toronto Film Festival this fall.  This 90-minute flick is sure to be a smash but at what cost?  Is this movie posing as an advertisement for the industrial prison complex by featuring 50, Em, Russell Simmons and “Freeway” Rick Ross?


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  1. Drugs aint ever going no where my g.

  2. Hell yeah they using hip hop to market this trash. Kids gonna watch an go out and try somthing stupid. No matter how many lives get took there’s a sucker born daily. The revolving prison doors keep turning.

  3. Dont see this movie bringing anything new to the table.

  4. The raping of the culture continues on

  5. Black market income!

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