New Tunes: Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z & Dr. Dre – “3 Kings”

For some reason I expected a sound more like what popular radio’s been playing.  What a crazy idea that was.  This is more like the type of epic you’d expect from reading the tracklist.  Jake One pulled a masterful job on the production.  These kind of songs may just get shine and inspire the willingness to take chances, expand the sound pallet and make stronger music.    God Forgives, I Don’t is scheduled for release on the 31st.  Ya’ll feeling this?  Feel free to hit rewind.


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  1. Free Cinema 111

    Track sound like it couldve been on The Black Album. Fiire!

  2. How many rappers are gonna freestyle over this?

  3. Verses were okay but nothing mindblowing. Its good to see them collab though.

  4. ’12. When a co from wade took a top spot. Rap’s a trip.

  5. I was expecting a better song.

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