Busta Rhymes, LONS & Friends @ BK Hip Hop Festival

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It could be the air, water or perpetual energy that flows through Brooklyn and make it the ultimate location for music.  In this case, thousands of Hip-Hop hopefuls witnessed a legendary event by the bridge on the Pier 3 waterfront.  Busta Rhymes, who performed at last year’s festival returned to headline Brooklyn Bodega’s 2012 edition.  Sound interesting?  Now, add a list of some special guests and things starting looking crazier. 

Backed by DJ Scratchator, Spliff Star joined his longtime partner in rhyme and sped through more hits than time would allow them to complete.  Not a bad problem to have huh?  After more than twenty years in the game and a day after recovering from flu symptoms, Busta still rips mics on the stage.

Buckshot and Smif n Wessun added their vintage Beatminerz sound.  M.O.P.’s Lil’ Fame came off and represented for partner Billy Danze who couldn’t make make the show.  You already know that when the blaring horn intro from the “Ante Up (remix)” came on, the crowd lost their minds.  Conglomerate members Reek da Villian and John Doe went in on a few joints and kept things moving.   After a quick “wardrobe change”, Busta added on a few pounds of gold and diamond link chains and bracelets in homage to welcome Slick Rick “The Ruler” to the stage.  Who doesn’t know the words to “Children’s Story”?  This crowd went nuts and sang every word.

Leaders Of The New School buried their past differences and performed on stage for the first time in almost 20 years.  If you don’t remember that awkward television moment where they called it quits during MTV Raps.

LONS seemed as if they just zoned in and referenced muscle memory to go back and perform like they did before.  “Case of the P.T.A.” was ridiculous but just when you thought it couldn’t get iller, Phife and Q-Tip joined in to turn up the insanity level for “Scenerio”.

Let’s face it.  A lot of Hip-Hop shows are straight garbage.  Artists still think their too good to attend sound check…so their sound sucks.  Rapper’s still haven’t learned the many disadvantages to cuffing the mic.  Energy on stage and substance in the lyrics are a premium and not the norm.  Most important is understanding that the desire to move a crowd is still and will always be a rare skill.

I’ve been to some real whack shows.  After losing some patience, I’ve regained the willingness to attend more shows.  Every act sounded good, needle skips and all.  In this new age of the independent artist, true professionals realize the importance of entertaining the people.  This knowledge and execution will continue to keep them one or two steps ahead.

– W.L.


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  1. I was there. I thought the sky was gonna fall. Lol.

  2. Sooo pissed i couldn’t make it.

  3. Busta’s one of the best performers ever

  4. Imagine how many milli worth of jewels between the ruler and busta. Arab money.

  5. Helluva show!

  6. Good to see lons back together. Almost any arguments can be worked out.

  7. It’s the Tribe ya’ll.

  8. These type outdoor shows is what hip hop about

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