Kendrick Lamar – “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

A lot of acts in this Hip-Hop game turn out to be more hype than substance.  We’d be here a long time if I had to list them all.  You know the ones who drop a dozen mixtapes but you cant ever remember a single song.  This kid from Compton, CA is quickly distinguishing himself as most anticipated.  So far, everything I’ve heard sounds like it was intended for the listener’s pleasure.  His songs have wicked flow, catchy hooks and technical skill that many purists of the art form look for.  I’m still listening to “The Recipe” joint he did with Dr. Dre.  On his latest summer leakage, produced by T-Minus, Kendrick takes us through different stages of inebriation.  He get a little personal and tackles the subject of family alcoholism making it into something you can sing along to.   The  good kid m.A.A.d city album is scheduled for an October 2nd release.  Will you be copping this?


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  1. This song is so crazy!

  2. The album probably gonna be insane. Hooks and lyrics are radio ready fam.

  3. Yet another album that drop befor Detox

  4. timeless right here. Lots of kids is afraid to talk bout their problems with the bottle.

  5. What mc is nicer right now

  6. The album will be strai8 with concepts and beats. I like the voice change break and chorus un this.

  7. Exactly what we need from him. Sic.

  8. Album gonna be a monsta

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