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What’s good RD Massive!  Rapper’s Delite issue 03 is here with legendary rapper and producer Erick Sermon, along with M.O.P.’s Billy Danze, Scram Jones and more. Plus, up and coming talents Everybody Official make their own lane.  Are you in good health?  We find out if you are going to Rhyme or Die.  We also question the difference between Rap and Hip Hop and a pioneer weighs in!  Relax and enjoy a special mix below fro DJ Cut Supreme.

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  1. This issue is crazy! … represents hip hop at its best….

  2. Cant get thru dis in 1 take. Way thicker than the last 1. This kray.

  3. Straight up, the mag is crak. Ya’ll need to keep droppin this. Fo real

  4. Rap verses Hip Hop. a deep article. I neva thought bout it like that. Damn, now you got me thinkin. smh

  5. You guys went in on this

  6. Ill features. Bookmarkin ya’ll

  7. RD rite on the money with this here

  8. This mag is the truth.

  9. Preem and MO are gonna make klassics again. Dope

  10. Nice mag!

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