Fresh Talent Spotlite Review – Balliztic & Raymond Wellz

Balliztic’s single “OOG”, a slow, bass heavy, synth layered track showcases his fast and slow flow.  He envisions “Three piece suit with the shoes and a hat/watch from the movie gotta knot and a stack/plotting how to put the BX on the map again/with rap again…”  Flamboyant content and an approach reminiscent of rappers from the southern region give this song a common theme.  As Balliztic continues to refine his voice over time we expect this young gunner to make his name known.

– Carson Edwards


West Philly rapper Raymond Wellz links with producer Jahlil Beats looking to make an imprint with the single “Lock and Load.”  Over bare hard bass drums, ride cymbals and claps, Wellz demonstrates a confident delivery that creates a presence on this track.  He raps “I’m cruising the city block/with a bad diddy-bop and she like to give me top/plus I got the semi cocked/giving out plenty shots/any of ya’ll idiots.” Braggadocious rhymes about champagne, freaks, money, weed and gunplay are the familiar themes here.  Sub-par lyrics aside, a simple cadence and execution keep this listenable.  Although the flow, metaphors and subject matter here are basic, the hook has a catchinessto it.  Raymond Wellz is a raw talent with unlimited room for growth.

– Miki Harris

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  1. That lock & load jawn is aiight

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