Why Are Common and Fat Joe Filming Videos In Haiti?

What’s up with this?

On the one hand, it’s major that rappers are keeping the name of the island nation alive.  Most of the news cameras are long gone while most Americans still couldn’t locate it on a map.  More than two years after the horrific earthquake silenced over 300,000 lives, the devastation still speaks volumes.  Do these artists donate their time and resources to help the millions in need?  They actually do.  I’d like to meet the human who could walk the terrain in Port-Au-Prince and not feel genuine empathy.

On the other hand, the lives of the Haitians in poverty and the topics the artists are rapping about in the video don’t match.  It just seems weird.  Why not write a song about the subjects in the visual?  Common’s “Sweet” video served as the perfect platform to jump start his album and differences with artists like Drake.  What was the purpose of filming this in the slums of Cité Soleil?  Sure, it’s one of the grimiest hoods on the face of the earth and it provides an awesome hardcore backdrop but for what purpose?   Get at us with your thoughts?

– W.L.

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  1. The Haitians show mad love for Americans. The rapper’s need to unite to put songs out with the people’s issues not talk about designer fabrics and lifestyles they can’t relate to. That makes no sense.

  2. Good point – I just returned from Haiti on Friday and I agree we need not forget what is going on there, but it is easy to fall in the trap of exploiting Haiti (which it almost seems these artists are doing).

  3. The average person who sees these videos will just see rappers in a “new” hood environment. This is not the type of attention the people need. The director should show clips of them aiding the people in some way instead of profiling.

  4. Now word is gettin out how real it is over there. They now want fans to associate that realness with their music.

  5. Joe should know better.

  6. Initially, the Common video was asking viewers to donate a dollar to see it. How much did the streaming video channel end up collecting? How much of that $ went to the people? At least it was an attempt to make a change.

  7. A behind the scenes of how they’ll support the people with them in the hoods would explain a lot more.

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