Pac Div & Casey Veggies @ Highline Ballroom NYC

After opening for Mac Miller at The Blue Slide Park Tour on the other side of town a few hours earlier, Casey Veggies took the stage and immediately connected with the intimate, standing crowd at NYC’s Highline Ballroom.   With his laid back swagger and a mind full of rhymes CV transformed the venue into a chill, smoky, spoken word type atmosphere.  Almost everyone in attendance knew the words and sung along to “Euphoria II”, the insightful “Swag Worth A Mill” and other heartfelt editions off of the well-received Sleeping in Class mixtape.  The young emcee wins by effortlessly, expressing his unique outlook on how and where he fits into this world.  If he stays on his grind and maintains the knack for beat selection you should be hearing more from this talent.  Swag!

Later that night, west coast constants Pac Div, who also rocked with Casey and Mac at the previous venue, jumped on the set and stormed through their playlist of crowd favorites.  From the start their charisma and energetic presence brought a level of anticipation that kept everyone tuned in.  The audience made requests for “Knuckleheadz”, “Still Flexin” and more.  They almost lost their minds when Like, Mibbs and BeYoung performed the stage rattling “Posted.”  The loyal crowd brushed off any instances of lyric amnesia when asked to recall some of their earlier mixtape tunes.  The Cali stage vets continued throughout the night with impromptu freestyles and banged out more songs until everyone in attendance was satisfied.  Hustle hard.

Join us again later this month for the Rapper’s Delite winter issue.  We  chop it up with Pac Div, Casey Veggies and more to find out what they’ve got cooking for all you Hip-Hop fanatics.

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  1. Veggies got flow son. 2shows is grilly

  2. Seen dem at the Mac Meezy show. Was tight. Goonsquad stagedivin

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