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Necro – “No Concern” (Video)

From off of his upcoming The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP, Necro hits us with a brutal visual preview.

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Cassidy @ 2011 Philly Hip Hop Awards

Philly’s own, Cassidy makes a rare on stage appearance at this year’s awards presentation.  He explains to the crowd his reason for being so low key then proceeds to lace them with the bars they’ve been waiting to hear.

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New Edition

Here we are again.  We so often ask ourselves where did the time go?  As another year draws to a close, we not only look back on our accomplishments but look forward to new challenges that are ahead.  If you’ve enjoyed RD as much as we have then you’ll love what we have in store for you in 2012.  Read the rest of this entry

The 45 King & DJ Premier – Making the Beat

The two legendary producers sit down and chop it up for a two part video segment on 45’s  talk show.  Read the rest of this entry

Grafh – “Don’t Know How To Act”

As Grafh gears up for Pain KiLLers: ReLoaded due out in 2012, he takes us inside the G club.  Bring a pocket full of ones and proper ID for the night.  Be sure to catch his exclusive interview in the current RD mag!

ATTN RAPPER’S: Need Beats? We Got You!

Rapper's Delite Issue 02 - Original Sugarhill Gang

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Phil Ade ft. Casey Veggies – “P.O.P.”

From off of his upcoming #PhilAdeFriday2 mixtape due out this Friday, Phil Ade keeps his priorities in order.  Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Casey Veggies in the latest issue of RD Mag available NOW!

David Banner Addresses V-Nasty Calling Him Out

Certain lines should just not be crossed by individuals.  That is of course unless they are given a pass.  Sway and D. Banner break down the definition of “hood”,  examine the non-value path of destruction that the culture of Hip Hop is headed toward and discuss the usage of the word n!gg@.  Watch parts two and three below the break and tell us what you think about this conversation.

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Smoke DZA – “Christmas In The Trap”

Santa’s alive and well kicking it in the hood with DZA and the crew.  He even copped a 50.

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How Well Do You Know Hip Hop?

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