The Journey of Business

Busta Rhymes made it official last week when he announced that he had joined Baby’s growing empire Cash Money, along with Mystikal.  I read a few blog comments and the ignorance in some of the statements made me laugh.  Well aware that some blog post comments come from dweebs who just piggy back off of the gossip of previous comments, I couldn’t take it too seriously.   From time to time, I read comments that blast an artist for making bad business decisions, while others make jabs that that artist is not their own boss and is a fool for allowing their creative control to become compromised.  A few might mention how a rapper’s legacy would be tainted and if previous partnerships didn’t result in long term success then their careers were all but over.

I’m afraid to ask how many of these bloggers have even held a job for more than a couple of years. How many people do you know under 40 who have worked at a company for a long tenure?  If you haven’t already noticed, times have changed.  Wake up!

I’ve never purchased a Busta Rhymes album nor would I place him in my list of top 10 greatest rappers.  I have kept a close eye on the careers of the countless “hot” rappers who have come and gone since his entrance in the game more than 20 years ago.  He’s probably guest appeared on all of their records and remixes to boot!  His discography rivals almost anyone in the genres history.  It’s the artists who maintain a high level of consistency and put on legendary live performances and rip mainstream platforms like award shows and BET cyphers who stand the test of time.  Who’s verse was iller at this year cypher, his or Eminem’s?  Busta’s like that journeyman ball player who teams continue to show interest in.  It should be obvious that such professionalism and business savvy is what even allows an artist to go from deal to deal.  How many of your favorite rapper’s can’t get out of their long term deals because they haven’t fulfilled their album requirements or still owe money because they blew their advances on bullshit?

It’s not every rapper who can ink millions with the most powerful labels.  Once you sign that dotted line you’re sure to give up something.  It’s the artists who can fill a void and reap the benefits of lucrative endorsements, movies, side label deals, etc. who are able to make any money compromised at the bargaining table back and then some.  As the rapper Fabulous once said, “If you can’t be used then you’re useless.”

Most rappers will be content in always trying to look and sound like someone they’re not.  Some are even able to crank out a few records and bask in their 15 minutes of spot light.  Unfortunately, as fads quickly change, looking at the person in the mirror becomes tougher and the ends no longer justify the means.  I guess everyone has a price…What’s yours?

– Shadowbox

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  1. Bussa came thru in the cipher but I still think Em slayed dat sicker. I’m jus sayin

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