My Way or No Way

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Words by Wisecrack

Soulja Boy’s  “Blowin me kisses” is a hit song to some people but the song is totally off beat.  For one, besides the chorus, it doesn’t have a lot of words.  I heard my young 8 and 12 year old sisters listening to it so that made me cringe even more.

Another set of artists that get me pissed off are the Cali Swag District, New Boyz and the Rejectz.  These seem to be the leaders of the new hip-hop dancing revolution.  I can understand them being new and different but I also understand bad rapping when I hear it…okay, maybe I’m just a little uptight because mom knocked my Blackberry off the kitchen counter and into the mop bucket full of dirty water.  Unless they change their style of music, I think the clock is ticking on their music careers…hey, I heard Mickey D’s still is hiring.  Fortunately, New Boyz have changed it up a bit and now have a good album out, Too Cool to Care, with hit singles like “Back Seat” and “Better with the Lights Off featuring Chris Brown.  Let’s only hope they loosen up their wardrobe a little this time around.  Let the blood flow fellas.

Why does every other artist wanna work with Chris Breezy all of a sudden?  Just last year, radio stations and DJ’s, stayed away from this dude like he was infected with the nasty virus.  They all had negative comments on their mind but kept their mouths shut, afraid to speak publicly.  He knows his actions will always be a part of who he is and has grown as an artist and a human being.  He looks like he’s having way more fun. (ie. “Beautiful”)   Now he’s a part of hit songs like “Body to Body”, “Pot of Gold” and tons of others.  His new album’s got at least five hit singles.  It will be interesting to see what projects he’ll be involved with in the future.  Isn’t it amazing how people act funny when your down and change when your money start  looking right?

– Wisecrack

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