To go or not to go

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Words by Shadowbox

A friend of mines posted on FB that he was giving away two ticketz to the Kreayshawn concert.  The show was startin in five hours and it was happenin in NYC.  The last time some ole last minute joints came from out the blu, the Beastie Boys were in town.  I neva seen them live before so I ended up taking two women I was getting to know from work.  We drove out to the coliseum in Nassau and I cant front, the show was ill.  The sound was right, the showmanship was tight and the string of recognizable hitz lasted the whole night (don’t bite…pause.)  I was glad I went.  No, I didn’t smash that night… Really wasn’t stressing neither of them like that.

This time around, I knew I had seen or heard the name before.  I remembered there was some controversy over what either she or her crew had said in an interview.  In this flash and burn world of pop music, that’s usually what sells, right?

I thought about the effort it would take for me to either get someone to go or make the trip into the NYC myself.  I hopped on Youtube to watch a video to help me make a quick decision…WTF?

I mean, I could see why she would attract millions of views…her sing-along hooks are catchy, she’s young, with a rebellious attitude and has some tales from the hood to share.

The rhymes were pretty average and the beats really didn’t excite me much but hold up…isn’t that what we look for in a new artist?  Or is it me just seeing things through the lenses of an earlier time?

Oh…the controversy.  A while back, news circulated that this young video director and rising rapper or someone in her crew were using the word n!gga on the regular.  WTF?  A few cats called her out on records and over the airwaves while others co-signed her movement.  Not gonna front, I didn’t move much of a muscle to look into what she was bout til’ some free tickets came up for grabs.  David Banner summed up the situation accurately in his song, “Swag.”

Needless to say, I didn’t go to the show.  Hellnah! I couldn’t support that by even showing up.  There isn’t a drug powerful enough to allow your boi to enjoy that.  I could care less about who’s on stage endorsing her.  I was taught HIStory but I sure as hell didn’t learn any true history in school.  What would wanna make me believe that they did?

I can’t blame her though.  Most of the people you think of first when you hear or see the word n!gga have been subdued through decades of controlled curriculum, mischievous media and a long laundry list of social and economic factors.  This may be the perfect time for her star to shine.  I guess it’s not what you say but how you say it.

– Shadowbox

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