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Sadat X feat. Pete Rock- “Turn It Up”

Joell Ortiz – Nissan, Honda, Chevy f. Jim Jones

Emcee Spot: Lyte (Part 1 of 3)

Over the years, MC Lyte has become more than just one of the best female emcees to ever hold it down. We got a chance to chop it up and among other things she explains her winning creative process, what she’s been up to and her continuous appreciation for the love she still receives from today’s teens.

Words by Will Loiseau

What does Brooklyn mean to you and how has its environment influenced your style?

Brooklyn means curry goat, Brooklyn means the finest beef patties and coco bread, Brooklyn means home, trees and hard ass concrete, skellys and stickball, tag, run and catch. It’s everything that raised me.  Read the rest of this entry

Emcee Spot: Lyte (part 2 of 3)

What would you like to see more of as far as today’s lyrics?

What I’d like to see more of doesn’t really surround the topic of lyrics it’s more so radio programming and record label executives and creating some sort of balance for people. I get fed because I listen to satellite radio so I’m able to listen to different types of dj’s that bring style differently. With radio it can sometimes be difficult because they’ve got this playlist that they work from and you’re hearing the same stuff all the time. That’s what I would like to see different. Lyrics…everybody’s bringing a totally different lyrical style, lyrical content. Some rap about love, some rap about hate, some rap about war. Everybody rap about whatever they wanna talk about.

What do you feel about Autotune? Would you use it?  Read the rest of this entry

Emcee Spot: Lyte (Part 3 of 3)

Speaking of money…What’s the best way for new artists to make money in today’s music scene?

Right now…it aint really about making money, like I’m not even returning to it to make money. I’m returning to it because I love it. It feeds me and it’s a game I like to play and I’m in it because I really love to do it. A couple years ago you could definitely make a plan to get in and make some money. Now if we’re specifically speaking about the artist that only does music and how can they survive. Go teach music if you’re a musician and you know how to play. I would say look to teach someone else how to play that instrument. If you’re an artist and you want to get out there and become known and create a following so that you one day can garner the eyes of the major record labels I would say do everything and anything you can to expose yourself. That means being on every social network platform that exists on the Internet.   Read the rest of this entry

Gorillaz "Stylo" feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack

Cover your Ass: Protect your Purchases

It’s been months since you first eyed that musical piece, the one you’re sure will add on to your studio setup. You read the price tag and decided that it was worth tightening up your belt and eating grilled cheese sandwiches for how ever long it took. You even shopped around to find out if anyone was having a sale or offering a feasible payment plan before getting trigger-happy. Once all your scratch is saved up it’s time to make that trip to the store and face the moment of truth. You’re at the register when all of a sudden the sales associate asks you if you’d like to add an extended warranty for $?? The whole time you were saving, the only figures you had in mind were the advertised sticker price and some sales tax. How’s that for a wicked screwball? If you agree and pay extra for the coverage you might walk out feeling…taken. Was that salesperson just after commission so they could support their nicotine habit? If you decline and decide to walk out without it you might end up second guessing yourself. What happens if something goes wrong after the one year factory warranty? A year should be enough time right?  Read the rest of this entry