Monthly Archives: February 2010

We articulate pain and suffering through art

For many of us 2010 has gotten off to a challenging start. I recently had the fortune and misfortune of surviving one of the most catastrophic earthquakes of our time in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 12th. That Tuesday, the day after I had arrived, has extended my perspective on the union that all people consciously or unconsciously share. I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for their thoughts, kind words of encouragement and votes of confidence in this year being one that brings opportunities for growth and empowerment. As I chronicle these experiences, some of the most memorable moments have been the manner in which people from around the globe have displayed human compassion and solidarity.

Other priceless moments that I will keep with me were the impromptu vocal and instrumental jam sessions amongst people who had never met during periods of anguish and uncertainty. As musicians and creative individuals we articulate pain and suffering through art. This is what allows us to regain a sense of who we are and of what impact music may have on the paths of others.  Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to Rapper’s Delite!

Ever notice how you can always remember where you were or what you were doing the first time you heard a particular song or became intrigued by the visual media associated with it?  Why do you keep repeating the chorus of that song long after you’ve heard it?  A wordsmiths’ arrangement and delivery of words evoke reactions from their audience.  Rapper’s Delite examines the root from which these ideas originate and are manifested, influencing millions worldwide.  We’ll feature videos, artist interviews, news, album reviews, random thoughts on pop culture and various global issues.